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Craft Club offers hours of creative fun for 3 -12 year olds.
(3-6 year olds may require a high level of caregiver assistance)

The Club runs all the time with Activities and Challenges for its members. We are in the middle of our Club re-design at the moment. It is exciting as we are building 3-D like virtual worlds to explore and do our crafting in.
Entry-Level Membership is FREE. Members can upload Photos, submit ideas they might have, edit info about photos/submissions. Caregivers have their own access. For internet-safety reasons they must give permission to allow their child`s craft photos to be displayed on the general Club pages.We would appreciate feedback... especially if there are any problems with the working of the new site? We are slowly adding planned Fun Features.


The Club includes:


Free Entry-Level Membership (numbers will be limited to what funding allows)

  • Creative ideas for things to make from materials at home.
  • Ability to upload your recycled craft creations and be in to win "Gemstones" and "Crystals" (Club Money - redeemable for certain products and Holiday Programme registrations). The club money-system is still in the planning stage.
  • many other features coming

(Note: the number of free memberships depends on the number of Silver memberships. When you join you may be placed on the waiting list.)

What gear do I need?  To make the most of club activities a Hot Glue Gun is recommended.


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Silver Membership [Full Membership] (available later)

  • More sophisticated features and privileges. Including your own office in the virtual Clubhouse and member-member interactions.
  • We have planning documents full of fun features that will be introduced progressively.

Holiday Programmes with Daily Creative Ideas using everyday items ($15 per programme)

{ These programmes are run from time to time as required }

  • 12 day programme from the first Monday to the last Friday of a school holiday (currently excluding Christmas holidays).
  • Activities are designed to cater for children of various ages and abilities.    
  • Photo Gallery to share craft photos with other members.
  • Prize Give-A-Ways.
  • We participated in  `TV2  KidsFest 2013` and this was the lastest programme being offered. The date for the next programme has not been decided yet

[ Costing structure: One Child = $15, Two Children = $25, Three Children= $30 , each extra child above this $15]


How Registration works

First you have to be a club member (free to join). Then the Caregiver must login to the Caregiver`s Control Panel. In here they can register their children for the programmes available.





Cross-Stitch Kits

Rosealma Designs have a range of counted cross-stitch kits for young stitchers.



Parent/Caregiver comments about our Winter Craft Club 2010:

"My girls had great fun with your craft ideas, their favorite was the window art, but they also did some pretty tissue boxes as well and the catepillar is growing well! Thanks for all the ideas - great for winter holidays."  Julie from Sheffield.

"Isaac really enjoyed doing the crafts, we have a new baby so it was great having some one on one time with him to make his creations. Thanks very much for the ideas.  Also he was so pleased to win something."  Rachel and Isaac from Rolleston


Registration Advert - nothing currently available
If someone in the family is already a member then caregivers can login here
Caregiver Login... and register the children in your household
Craft Club Entrance
Craft Club Entrance -> Password Required
Free Membership
(certain restrictions apply)
Holiday Programme Registration
Registrations are OPEN on 20th May for KidsFest in the upcoming School Holidays. Click here to join the club and then you can register later. Nearer to the holidays a treasure list will be published and you can go on the Treasure Hunt to collect all the goodies you need for twelve fun activities.

Want to see what the site looks like inside?
View screen shots of site
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