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Welcome to the Kids Can Craft Club

We are all about creating a safe, fun environment for children. If you have any concerns about this please contact us immediately so the issue can be addressed and remedied.

You can take the link below to view your control panel. In the control panel you can monitor club activities, give permissions, and enrol your children for holiday programmes. To enter you must use your child's username and YOUR password. Please take great care to keep your password secure to ensure an adult is looking over each child.

What does the Club Offer

Free membership (Bronze) gives access to some of the ground floor of the Clubhouse. This is a large building with different rooms for different activities. The Clubhouse is still under construction and so we have not actually moved in yet. Children will have access to the Craft Room, Entrance Foyer and Meeting Room. During 2011 the Clubhouse will be built and opened.

Paid membership (Silver) gives access to most of the clubhouse with small meeting rooms, library, kitchen, hidden areas, more activities and their own office ... plus lots more.

There will also be a third level of membership (Gold). These will be invited Club Committee members.

Caregiver`s Control Panel

Holiday Programmes

Activities have been designed for aged 3-12yrs. Some "easier" or "more difficult" options have been included for some activities.  Children`s ablities will vary greatly in this age range, younger children may need some help with activities - this is a great opportunity to spend some creative time with them.  Encourage older children to look for ways to extend the activities and experiment with techniques they learn.

Activities should be treated as a guideline to inspire creativity, your child`s creations do not need to look exactly the same as our examples, allow them to explore and play, you could be surprised by what they create!

A new activity will be uploaded to the club page activity centre at midnight each day.  All activities will remain on the site until the end of the school holiday so you will not miss any if you are away for a few days. 

Any Prize draws will be made through the holiday programme period, prize and winner information will be posted on the Bulletin Board in the Entrance Foyer of the Clubhouse. Your privacy will be respected but the supplier of the prize will have to be given your child`s full name and address, obviously.

Caregiver`s Control Panel


Charges range from free up. Free membership allows continuous access to the clubhouse and a limited range of features (including craft ideas and sharing of craft creations). Holiday programmes cost $15 each (2 children=$25, 3 children =$30, 4 children and above ($15 each any more than 3 children)). Silver membership, available later in 2011  will cost $25 at this point and will include one free Holiday Programme (value=$15!)

Intellectual Property

Please remember that any crafts/ideas submitted to the site become the property of This is to protect us from any possible disputes if we incorporate your child`s ideas in future club activities. We will usually reward ideas that we wish to use/adapt with a payment in 'Gemstones' or 'Crystals'. These can be used to purchase Holiday Programmes or products we might offer for sale (initially these will be cross-stitch kits - a product of Rosealma Designs)

If you have any questions please email us,  (or phone 06 376 8002 )

Caregiver`s Control Panel

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