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Kids Can Craft Club is an on-line Craft Club for 3-12 year olds. It is a free Craft Club where its members participate in activities that involve being creative with materials we normally discard. Its focus is to encourage old-fashion creativity that develops skills while providing fun and entertainment. It also promotes recycling and reuse of resources as well as encouraging caregivers and children to come together in quality family time. We believe we can sustain free entry-level membership to the club if we can obtain significant income from the Holiday Programmes and Full Memberships. The purchaseable Holiday Programme presents daily activities to occupy the kids for the middle 12 days of each school holidays. We have many exciting plans for the development of the Club including a virtual Clubhouse that children can move around in.

We are hoping that Primary Schools and other Professional Care Providers and Educators will be interested in promoting our club to their pupils. To get the club going and to thank you for your time and energy we offer the first fifty Schools/Organisations that contact us a free voucher (value $15) to the up-coming Holiday Programme. We request that they mention the free Kids Can Craft Club, its Holiday Programme and our web address in their end of term newsletters or other written communication (Note: preparation for the holiday programme involves collecting together bits and pieces prior to the start (the first Monday of the holidays); the sooner children can start on this the better). Schools might want to run an end-of-term competition around the theme of re-cycling, or use it as a prize/reward for some other endeavour.

Please have a read about some of our planned features. If you wish to have a look inside the club before you advertise/promote it please contact us for Demo Access Details.

Thank you.

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